Drag & Drop.io

The Drag & Drop.io was a firefox extension that I built back in 2009 when I was a developer at drop.io. The extension allowed users to make natural dragging and dropping gestures from desktop to browser to upload local files to their drops in the cloud. While a common feature in many web apps now, this was a novel concept at a time when HTML5 was just starting to make these things possible. The Drag & Drop.io basically turned the user's browser into an extension of the operating system; with the plugin installed, the browser became akin to a Windows Explorer or Finder window, in which files could be dragged and dropped across folders. In this case, files were dragged and dropped across the internet, which was an exciting first step in the move towards ubiquitous, cloud-based storage and computing. The Drag and Drop.io garnered nearly a quarter of a million downloads, at its peak claimed over 40,000 daily users, and was on Mozilla's recommended list for roughly two months.

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