Dynamic Lighting

Dynamic Lighting was a demo that two fellow researchers and I built for the MIT Media Lab's 2011 Sponsor Week, while I was a research assistant in the Changing Places research group. It consisted of a room filled with 6 RGBY LED light fixtures, a robotic facade module (essentially a rotating mirror) that was previously developed by our research group, wireless activity sensors, and a power meter. First, I built an iPad app that could change the colors displayed by the light fixtures. Next, after some tinkering with the internal electronics of the robotic facade, I built an iPad app that could wirelessly control its rotating mirror. Along with another researcher, we further built a real-time, wireless power meter for the entire room that took readings from the LED fixtures once per second and uploaded them to a backend web server. I then created an interface to display a real-time graph of the room's power usage. Sponsors could come into the room, play with the combination of natural and artificial light, and instantly watch as their power usage went up and down.

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