Framey was one of the fast-paced, 6-week long web projects I worked on as a developer at QLabs, the agile startup-generator that existed under the wing of AOL Ventures. Framey was a web-based developer-focused service that let a third party website easily accept video recording submissions from users. Before Framey, if a web developer wanted to provide a feature on their site that allowed users to record video, they had to build their own Flash-based video recorder, set up, scale, and host a Flash Media Server, convert the video files to web-friendly formats, and generate thumbnails. This was obviously a huge amount of programming and infrastructure work, not just to build, but also to maintain. Framey solved this problem by wrapping up all of that infrastructure into a simple service with an easy to use Application Programming Interface (API). Developers simply embedded the pre-made Framey video recorder on their websites and Framey handled moving the bits and bytes around. AOL eventually transferred ownership of Framey and it has since evolved into a popular service called Camera Tag.

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