Home Maestro

HomeMaestro was a concept and prototype of a home automation system that I built as a research assistant in the Changing Places research group at the MIT Media Lab. It was intended to address the numerous issues plaguing current home automation systems -- including cost, difficulty to install, and difficulty to use -- and consisted of two main features: 1) an intuitive, appliance-scripting interface, and 2) an "app store" for quickly and easily downloading functionality to the home. Essentially, it allowed a user to teach his home how to behave by "role-playing" the desired behavior with the appliances in the home, and further opened up an Application Programming Interface (API) to the home's appliances for third party developers to build "apps" on top of them. I created a demo "home" with a door sensor, lamp, thermostat, a fan, and a custom-made rotating mirror that could all be controlled wirelessly using an app on a Windows Mobile device. Users could record the actions they were performing in the room, and have the room remember those actions for future.

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