Periodic Table Display Cabinet

The Periodic Table Display Cabinet was a personal project I designed and built for fun while a research assistant at the MIT Media Lab. As can be gathered from the name, it's a small display cabinet (about 3 feet wide, 2 feet high, and 2 inches deep) in the shape of the periodic table. Designed in AutoCAD and laser cut out of high gloss, quarter inch-thick black and white acrylic, each element has its own cubby hole (8 cubic inches) labeled in the back with its chemical symbol. As I travel and otherwise visit interesting places, I will eventually gather 118 unique and interesting items from around the world and place them in a cubby hole based on an element that they contain. For example, during a recent trip to Israel, I collected a small amount of salt (NaCl) from the Dead Sea, and it now resides in the Sodium (Na) cubby hole. Essentially, it's a mini, wall-mounted museum that organizes interesting objects I've gathered over the years in a unique way.

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