Substring Revamped

Substring Revamped is a remake of the iOS game I had made nearly 5 years earlier. Instead of a never-ending, fast-paced, and often stressful slew of arbitrary substrings, I decided to break things up into levels and level packs this time. Each level has its own substring of varying difficulty depending on the level pack, and the player has to think of 1 or more words (based on the instructions prompt for that level) with that substring to beat the level. Some levels ask you to find a certain number of words for the substring, others ask you to find words that begin or end in the substring, others have crossword-like clues, and yet others are fast-paced bonus rounds requiring you to find 8-12 words for different substrings in under 30 seconds.

Substring Revamped has garnered thousands of downloads, and was mentioned on the Z100 morning radio show and in the New York Times.

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