The Master Theorem

The Master Theorem (TMT) is a web-based "society of solvers" that I cofounded and built. The website is run by M, the mysterious figurehead of TMT with a long resume of intrigue and impressive accomplishments. Before leaving on sabbatical at the end of 2011, every week M would post a new puzzle, called a Theorem, that took the form of a blog post. The text would set the theme and provide clues, while the accompanying image would need to be decoded into a single word or phrase answer. To become a Member of TMT, a user would have to solve at least one Theorem, at which point he would be invited to create an account. Once in, Members could compete with others to earn points by solving theorems faster and finding smaller, interactive puzzles hidden throughout the site called Seals.

I designed the website, programmed both the back end servers and front end interfaces, and worked with M to design a majority of the Theorems and Seals.

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